Download UR Browser (2020) Latest Version for PC Windows 10

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Download UR Browser 2020 is the most trusted and popular web browser for Windows PC. This free privacy browser provides a safer and secure browsing environment by blocking unwanted ads and malicious issues. Moreover, within a short time, everyone can easily access the web (media content).

After successfully installing & starting the UR Browser Latest Version, you can effortlessly download online photos, videos, music, and other documents. The user instantly watches online streaming videos right from the web browser. Besides, the end-user can protect their privacy by erasing and blocking web browsing details, such as cookies, history, searches, downloads, and extensions.

UR Browser for PC automatically checks all inbound web and network activities and instantly blocks or suspends all recognized issues to prevent data thefts. Also, it provides top-end encryption so that you can securely transfer files and surf the internet. The top best free web browser has advanced private browsing mode that helps in protecting your surfing details and online businesses from snoopers and tracking apps.

Furthermore, UR Browser for Windows 10 provides secure banking and online shopping from malicious apps or unsafe websites or e-commerce sites. Using the best free privacy browser, you can secure and anonymize your internet with Virtual Private Network. With an active UR account, you can sync your bookmarks, history, saved credentials, and other private settings from any other web browsers.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP users can quickly download UR Browser 2020 from this article with a simple click. However, this free privacy browser also works on both Windows X86 and X64 architectures. At last, the top best privacy browser takes less time to finish the installation on your desktop PC or Laptop.

Why you Need the Privacy Browser?

While you surf the internet, your online activities (surfing and banking details) might be track or hack by third-party apps. Want to surf the web safely and securely malicious issues or network frauds? Then your desktop PC or Laptop must have the privacy browser. We recommend you download & install the UR Browser Latest Version for PC Windows 10. Moreover, the best privacy browser helps protect your surfing details, online payments, and other digital businesses from various issues or frauds.

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Furthermore, you can confidently and securely surf the web without getting any issues or frauds. It automatically scans all incoming network & web traffic and instantly blocks malicious problems and activities to secure your privacy and identity. UR Browser for PC Windows 10 provides a faster internet environment to finish your tasks quickly. At last, you can download online content and watches streaming videos effortlessly and rapidly.

Download UR Browser (2020) Latest Version Main Highlights:

User-Friendly Interface:

Download UR Browser 2020 has an intuitive and user-friendly interface so that everyone can access or operate it quickly and secure surf the web.


  • With this free web browser, you can fearlessly surf the internet (videos, music, images, and other documents) from the web infections.
  • You can download valuable online content from various social apps or trusted websites.
  • It automatically scans all downloads for viruses and instantly blocks all detected suspicious downloads to secure your PC.
  • You can download multiple files (media content) simultaneously with 4X faster speed.
  • Moreover, while you surf the web, it automatically alerts if any suspicious or dangerous before it runs on your browser.
  • UR Browser Latest Version provides a 2048-bit RSA Encryption key so that your online activities and businesses will be secure from digital threats or frauds.


  • Furthermore, it automatically blocks invisible trackers and third-party cookies to prevent your web surfing activities or fund transfers.
  • UR Browser for PC provides an advanced private browsing tool that helps secure your online activities from malicious apps. It automatically eradicates or clears your web browsing details (cookies, searches, downloads, saved passwords, and other extensions) after closing the current session. So, your web surfing and other businesses will be secure.
  • The top best web browser quickly detects and blocks all identified ads with a single click.

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This anti-profiling function helps in making your personal details or browsing activities harder to identify you without your knowledge. Without proper security, cookies and trackers are trying to access or track your browsing details while surfing the web.

Virtual Private Network:

  • UR Browser for Windows 10 has an advanced security function, like Virtual Private Network. It secures your Windows PC and online activities from digital dangers.
  • After enabling the VPN function, you can confidently surf the internet without having any issues.
  • Besides, the user can access unavailable or blocked online content quickly and effortlessly.
  • The best privacy browser can shield your online businesses (browsing and banking details) while connecting with unsafe and public Wi-Fi.

Secure Banking:

At the same time, the user can confidently perform online shopping and banking from tracking ads and malicious apps. Your saved passwords, card details, user-ids, and other financial details will be secure.


Download UR Browser 2020 automatically blocks annoying ads, internet notifications, and other intrusions to provides a safer and secure surfing environment.


The best free privacy browser can bookmark most visited URLs, Links, Addresses, and Websites for quick and easy access. With a simple click, you can access your bookmarks.


UR Browser Latest Version displays trusted news (fake block news) on your browser home screen.

Block Phishing Sites:

Further, the top best free web browser monitors all incoming web and network activities and instantly block phishing attacks (fake links, suspicious downloads, malicious websites, and untrusted content).


Additionally, UR Browser for PC provides free customer support via Blogs to instantly solve the end-user’s issues and queries.

Multilingual Interface:

Lastly, the main interface or welcome wizard of UR Browser for Windows 10 is presently available in various languages. Including Japanese, Spanish, Italiano, Nederlands, Portugues, Dansk, English, Espanol, Italiano, and others.

Download UR Browser for PC System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10(both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel or AMD 1 GHz
  • Internal Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 150 MB Free Disk Space
  • Developer: ADAPTIVEBEE

Download UR Browser for Windows 10 Conclusion:

Overall, Download UR Browser 2020 is one of the leading web browsers for Windows OS. This free web browser provides complete protection while you surf the internet. Moreover, you can protect your browsing details and online payments from unsafe websites or tracking apps. This free privacy browser provides advanced security functions to confidently and securely perform your digital businesses. It automatically blocks phishing attacks, internet ads, and web infections to shield your privacy. Finally, UR Browser Latest Version is free to download and working on all platforms and versions of Windows PC or Laptop.

Lastly, click on the below-provided download button to get the setup link of UR Browser (2020) Latest Version on your Windows PC.

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